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Safety University - Respirator Qualitative Fit TestingOSHA 1910.134 requires all respirators that rely on a mask-to-face seal need to be annually checked with either qualitative or quantitative methods to determine whether the mask providees an acceptable fit to a wearer.

The relative workplace exposure level determines what constitutes an acceptable fit and which fit test procedure is required.  For negative pressure air purifying respirators, users may rely on either a qualitative (QLTF) or quantitative (QNFT) fit test procedures for exposure levels less than 10 times the occupational exposure limit.  Exposure levels greater than 10 times the occupational exposure limit must utilize a quantitative fit test procedure for these respirators.

SafetyU provides qualitative fit testing which relies on a subjective sensation (taste, irritation or smell) of the respirator wearer to a particular test agent.  Contact us today to schedule your on-site fit testing today.