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Safety University (SafetyU™) specializes in Safety Training and Consulting Services including but not limited to topics such as: OSHA, DOT, Hazardous Materials, Safety, Security, Emergency Management, Incident Response and Exercise Design. Many years of experience has made our team a leader in the safety consulting and training arena. We deliver timely and quality services to our clients.

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Our Ethos

At Safety University, we personify the core value of providing customized, actionable deliverables to our clients. Whether in the oil and gas, public safety, healthcare, financial, or with other general industry, we will always provide results that fit our client's operational needs.

We listen. We question. We learn. We want to fully understand our client's goals and objectives for their initiative, large or small. Identifying strengths, opportunities, and gaps helps us determine what to develop and how to align a customized strategy to achieve sustainable results.


We inspire our clients to stretch their abilities, expand their knowledge and further their aspirations to achieve maximum success in all they do.


We strive for excellence in all that we do, to deliver exceptional service to you the first time and every time! We want to make a difference to you!


We deliver. We are results driven to positively impact change, improve relationships, enhance teamwork and increase morale, motivation and productivity.


We always welcome opportunities to help new clients.

Let's connect.


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