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Safety University (SafetyU™) is a distinguished expert in the realm of safety training and consulting services, encompassing an extensive array of subjects including, but not restricted to, OSHA, DOT, Hazardous Materials, Safety, Security, Emergency Management, Incident Response, and Exercise Design. Our team's extensive experience spanning numerous years has propelled us to the forefront of the safety consulting and training domain. Our hallmark is the provision of prompt and superior services, consistently adhering to the highest standards of timeliness and excellence for our clients.

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Our Ethos

Welcome to Safety University, where our foundational principle centers around providing tailored and actionable outcomes for our esteemed clientele. Whether operating within the domains of oil and gas, public safety, healthcare, finance, or other sectors, our commitment remains steadfast in delivering solutions harmonized with our clients' operational requisites.

Our approach is characterized by attentive listening, incisive inquiry, and continuous learning. It is our priority to grasp the precise objectives and ambitions underpinning each endeavor, regardless of its magnitude. Through an astute analysis of strengths, opportunities, and gaps, we meticulously craft strategies designed to foster sustainable accomplishments.


Inspiration is a cornerstone of our ethos. We encourage our clients to transcend their existing capabilities, broaden their knowledge horizons, and pursue loftier ambitions in the pursuit of comprehensive success.

Eminence is our benchmark. Every facet of our endeavors is infused with a commitment to surpassing standards, thereby ensuring that our services consistently exceed expectations. Our objective is to establish a transformative impact, thus contributing to your success in a meaningful manner.

Conclusively, our paramount focus is on outcomes. Driven by a resolute determination to catalyze positive change, nurture associations, fortify collaboration, and elevate overall team spirit, we consistently deliver quantifiable results that enhance morale, motivation, and productivity.


We always welcome opportunities to help new clients.

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