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ConRedi™ Mock Surveys

A simple, intuitive, scalable, affordable platform for any industry to maintain continuous readiness for a regulatory audit, accreditation survey, or internal risk assessment.

Survey and Audit Software

Internal audits or mock surveys provide a vital component for continuous improvement and organizational risk resilience. Coordinating the audits or surveys and collating the findings into actionable reports can be challenging.

Our application allows users to enter audit/survey observations, create final reports, track corrective actions, and generate executive summaries

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See what ConRedi™ can do for your organization. Enjoy a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Eliminate paper forms. No more manual reporting or wasted time.


Exceptional Flexibility

Custom Regulations and Standards

Add organization specific list of regulations, standards, or internal controls in addition to the pre-loaded options available. We can even assist in batch uploading custom lists with CSV files.

Unlimited Users and Surveys/Audits

With all accounts, the organization has an unlimited number of users and survey/audits without worrying about user count or licenses.

Assign and Track Corrective Actions

Track and close corrective action items within the application. Streamline quality assurance process as by effortlessly monitoring and resolving issues.

Attach Pictures to Findings

To aid in the identification of compliance issues, photographs can be attached to each observation/finding.

Unlimited Document Storage

Seamless data management, effortlessly store and access all your survey-related documents without limitations.

Data Exporter

Seamlessly extract and export your valuable survey data in various formats, empowering you to analyze, share, and utilize your insights with unprecedented ease.

Cloud Based Application

Collaborate, store, and analyze survey data from anywhere, allowing your team to work efficiently and effectively. The flexibility and scalability, enables your survey projects to adapt, no matter the size or complexity.

2-factor Authentication

Elevate security in your online survey database with 2-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of protection through dual verification methods like passwords and mobile codes.

Pre-loaded Regulations and Standards

Access a comprehensive library of industry-specific regulations and standards, ensuring your surveys adhere to the latest requirements effortlessly..

Data Migration Option

Transition from your existing system by seamlessly transferring your valuable survey data into our platform. Effortlessly bring your historical surveys and insights to our application.

Automated Notifications

Receive real-time alerts and updates, ensuring you never miss a deadline, important survey response, or critical milestone again.

Analytics Dashboards

We can collaborate to display the key metrics and insights that matter most to your survey projects, providing a clear and customizable view of your data's performance.


Free Trial

14-Day Trial | No Credit Card Required


14-day Free Trial

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Surveys/Audits

Email Support


per facility | per year


Unlimited Users

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Surveys/Audits

Custom Regulations/Standards

Email Support


Tailored to your organization


Minimum 5 Facility Licenses

Volume Discount

Multiple Years Discount

Dedicated Support Representative

Initial Setup Assistance

- Optional-

HIPAA Edition Add On

Ensure the utmost security and privacy of sensitive healthcare data with our HIPAA compliance add-on feature for our online survey database application. Safeguard patient information and meet regulatory requirements effortlessly, providing peace of mind to healthcare professionals and organizations.

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