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Workplace Violence Prevention & Active Violence Response

Workplace Violence Prevention and Response (WVPR) works to establish a culture of professionalism and respect through violence prevention and response; training; victim support; reporting procedures and appropriate accountability that enhances the safety and well-being of all workforce members. SafetyU can provide consulting services in addition to training your company's team.


Course Description:

Our intensely interactive course is designed to help workers better understand the scope and nature of violence in the workplace. Each participant will be challenged with cutting edge lectures integrated with role-play and practical scenarios that will ensure the highest knowledge retention.


Course modules include:
  • Definition, types, and prevalence

  • Workplace violence consequences and statistics

  • De-escalation techniques & hands-on role playing

  • Prevention strategies for organizations

  • Prevention strategies for workforce members

  • Active violence/shooter response guidelines

  • Post event response


By completing the course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify institutional, environmental, and policy risk factors for
    workplace violence

  • Recognize behavioral warning signs of violence in individuals

  • Define communication skills used to prevent and manage workplace violence

  • Examine appropriate resources/strategies to support injured workforce members

  • Demonstrate de-escalation and response actions through role-played workplace violence scenarios

  • Identify effective team skills by sharing information effectively, listening and responding to feedback from others, and using simple communication.

Course Details
  • Delivery method: In-person; traditional classroom only

  • Length: 4-8 hours depending on add-on modules

  • Class Size: up to 30 participants

  • Delivered onsite at your business or organization

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